Q) How can I find out more about you to be comfortable?
We have been in business ten years.  Please go here to learn more about our company and educate yourself about rental scams.

Q) What is the security deposit?
The security deposit is an additional amount of money that is reserved in case there is any damage incurred to the property because of a renter’s negligence or misuse. This deposit is added in addition to your total rent. By law, we are required to return this deposit back to
you within 30 days of your rental. If we find it necessary to deduct any money to cover damages, we will provide an itemized list and cost.  Please be aware that any damages incurred will be repaired at “emergency” rates so that we may return the house to normal condition for our next tenant.

Q) Should we expect to receive our Security Deposit back after our stay
In a majority of cases, Yes. In the past, most of our rentals get all of their security deposits returned to them about two weeks after checkout. We are the only company at the Jersey Shore that specializes in providing group rentals. We know what to expect and what is unacceptable.

Q) We have heard stories of owners in Wildwood that keep group’s entire security deposits, regardless of the condition they leave the house in. Is this you?
We are very, very fair with your security deposit. Honestly, we want to return all of it, because that means you have taken very good care of our property. Any necessary deductions are detailed in a written report.

Q) What if we have an incident that exceeds our security deposit?
In the state of New Jersey, your financial liability is not restricted to solely the security deposit. Should significant costs be incurred, you will be billed for the total amount that exceeds your security. If you fail to pay, you may be involved in a civil lawsuit in the courts of New Jersey.  You also may be prosecuted criminally if the damage was intentional.

Q) What do I need to do to reserve our rental?

Please contact us when you are ready to reserve your rental. You will need to know your dates, the house you want, and how many people you expect to have. We will then email you a rental lease. Someone 18 years of age or older must sign the lease and return it to us with a $500 check or money order. Your house is not reserved until we receive a completed lease and $500 deposit.

Q) Do you rent for just weekends?
We do weekend rentals in March, April and May.  Beginning in June we do weekly rentals
(usually Saturday to Saturday) in all of our homes.

Q) When is check-in and check-out?
For weekly rentals, the check-in time is 3:00pm, usually on a Saturday unless otherwise noted. You must vacate the property by 10:00am on the following Saturday. Weekend rentals are flexible and negotiable.

Q) What should I expect at the house and what do I need to bring?

For bedding we provide comforters and pillows. Please bring or rent your own sheet sets and towels. The bed sizes for each house are found on their respective pages. We can also help arrange rentals if necessary. In the kitchen, we provide plates, utensils, glasses, and cookware. Just bring your own food to cook with...though we find that most groups usually eat out and waste the food they bring along with them. We donate any food left behind to local shelters. Laundry supplies are provided. You will have a starter supply of paper towels and toilet paper in the house to get you going. Please bring or purchase additional quantities as needed.

Q) Why are you houses different and worth the price?
Our homes are very well kept. They are professionally cleaned each week. We have our own maintenance staff that keeps everything in safe and working order. We only rent properties that are very safe, clean and full of luxury amenities.